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Simplest REST/JSON API with both Request and Callback tracing in real time

Proxy API allows you to view exactly what happened during the lifetime of a request between all parties involved.

Let us focus on the API, while you focus on the money.

Fastest onboarding ever!

No 'Go Live' forms to fill.

No waiting for approvals.

No follow-up emails.

If you own the shortcode, you own the process!

Request and Callback Logs

View logs of requests in real time and see what's happening behind the scenes.

No more "What happened to my callbacks...???"**

Callback data verification for API callbacks

One-click sign-on

We use existing SSO providers for the smoothest onboarding possible.

Real Time Support

Get assitance on the API directly from the developers via our Telegram Channels. No emails necessary.

Features We Offer

Easy To Integrate

We try to make your integrations as seamless as possible.

Analytics Tool**

Part of our future upgrades to the API.

Logs and Request Traces

We show you exactly what is happening as it happens.

Intuitive API Interface.

We create APIs to be used by humans, not robots.


Security is our top priority. All our requests are strictly performed on HTTPS connections. Coupled with a private VPN connection to Safaricom Broker and encryption of all sensitive data in the databases, we aim to provide the highest security standards possible.

Pricing Plans

Default Plan

Proxy API does not charge for the direct APIs i.e. C2B, B2C, Reversal or Transaction Query API requests sent directly to Saf. You get all of those and the below for free!

  • Full log and traces access
  • Full portal access
  • Live support from our Telegram Channels
  • API Callback and data verification
  • Statistics on all requests going through the Proxy *
  • Suitable for everyday users and businesses with low to medium transactions daily.

Pay via ProxyAPI

A new offering combining LnM API and C2B APIs. With this, one can have callbacks from both LnM and ProxyAPI sent back to their endpoint for higher stability and availability!

All that for KES.


per month!

  • All features of Default Plan
  • Get dual callbacks for more stability to your C2B Services
  • Get records of all API requests sent and callbacks received from the portal!